How To Recognize an Avoidant Person

In this video, Coach Craig and Coach Margaret discuss common mistakes made in no contact and how these mistakes can be detrimental to your chances of reconnecting with an ex. Coach Craig and Margaret explains what you must not do during no contact if you want your ex back. We also explain why no contact is so important if you want to get your ex back. Your ex must miss you and see the importance of your place in his or her life.That's what makes no contact so effective. It's also extremely important on making changes in yourself while you are in no contact. Get Craig's workbook series The Knowledge and it can truly transform your life and help you make changes that your ex will never expect. The longer you give your ex time and space, the longer you have to make those improvements and allow your ex to feel the loss of you in their life. But if you try to change their mind, it will likely make them angry and push you away further. So you do not want your ex our ex to feel that you are trying to manipulate them or that you are trying to talk them into getting back together with you. We go in depth into what not to do during no contact in order to have the best results of healing for yourself and to allow your ex the time and space needed to miss you and want you back. Be sure to watch this video all the way to the end to ensure you get all the tips and strategies! Get Craig's help personally: Get Margaret's help: Craig's workbook series: