Why They Don't Come Back If You're Waiting For Them

Why Exes Don't Come Back If You're Waiting For Them. There is an energy that is felt between people. Often times when someone knows that you are sitting around waiting and hoping that you will return, they won't. They can feel that presence that you are going to try and manipulate them or lock them down to a relationship. It's very important that you keep your feelings close to yourself and especially not let friends and family that knows your ex that you are still wanting them back. You want that person to feel as if you are no longer sitting around and start to wonder what you are doing or if you even care anymore. Get Craig's help personally: https://www.askcraig.net/take-action/ Get Margaret's help: https://www.askcraig.net/margaret-1/ Craig's workbook series: https://www.askcraig.net/workbooks-1/ SUBSCRIBE to the channel to get help with your breakup situation. not communicating.